Including Memory Loss

Modern people lead an active way of life that is why they are forced to perform as good as possible. It concerns all spheres of life - work, studying, private life. But it is not always easy to do because of many factors. Not all people have an opportunity to have proper nutrition, to exercise regularly and take good care of their health. As a person gets older, he or she faces even more health problems, including memory loss and cognitive decline. It is not so easy to remember a person's name any more, for example. Why does it happen?

As we age, our brain doesn't work efficiently anymore because it loses its ability to store and recall information. Usually this condition is called mild cognitive impairment (MCI). Alzheimer's is a more serious form of dementia that negatively influences person's quality of life. What can be done to prevent this unpleasant phenomenon? First of all, it is important to change the lifestyle. One needs to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, control one's cholesterol levels and blood pressure, train brain, get enough sleep, and maintaining social cooperation. This, too, can lead to overweight -

From the age of 25 to 70 most of people start to lose their brain's performance. One of the reasons why our brain gets weaker is lack of legitimate substances it needs every day. Besides, our brain cells start dying as we age. As a result, we feel difficulty focusing and remembering things. You may notice making some mistakes like losing your wallet or keys, or neglecting your household chores? This happens because our psychological health decreases from inappropriate way of life and everyday

Low Testosterone

The diagnosis of low testosterone is becoming increasingly common among elderly men as well as younger ones. When a man is getting older, he may naturally face erectile dysfunction. On the one hand, low testosterone can be associated with an aging population, more precise tests, and less stigma. But there is another reason why men decide to try a testosterone test. They are bombarded by advertising campaigns. Such men start feeling depressed, weaker, fatigued, and that they have lost sex drive.

After the age 30 males start noticing decline in testosterone levels and decrease in sex drive. That is a misconception that it is just a part of aging. Decline in testosterone is a very gradual process that cannot explain a total disappearance of interest in sex. For this reason, men with erectile problems may have more serious other health problems. Sometimes low testosterone is connected with underactive thyroid, heart disease, etc.

Low testosterone level can be a symptom of other medical problems, such as depression, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and high blood pressure. At the same time, low testosterone may be the cause of these problems as well. A lower score can be caused by the following conditions: testicular cancer, injury to the testicles, infection, hormonal disorders, HIV/AIDS, Type 2 diabetes, chronic liver or kidney disease,

Mental Problems

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Nootropic Supplement

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