The Best Brain Of Your Life

CQ is a new nootropic product which producer claims to improve your cell membrane strength and such cognitive functions as memory and thinking and to protect your brain from neurotoxins.

CQ claims to be a revolutionary new supplement that is able to provide "the best brain of your life". Moreover, it promises to prevent illness and to reverse mental decline. Is it really so great that it can change the quality of your life so much?

Let's check whether CQ is really a good medicine for our brain or it is a waste of money?

Now we are going to look what is inside the bottle and to check if it contains really working ingredients that don't have side effects. As you remember CQ claims to include only natural ingredients which are designed to help you in improving your cognitive abilities. Here you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the list of ingredients in this magic pill called CQ:

- Bacopin. It can enhance the nervous system but it can have the following side effects. It tends to give upset stomachs. The studies have been too short and the results showed either slight or no effects. Even if it works it needs more than 8-12 weeks.

- Ginkgo Biloba. There is one concern that it can cause liver cancer as the research on animals has shown. There is not enough information about the possibility of the same risk for people. It also can become a reason of allergic reaction, bleeding and bruising.

- Vinpocetine. It can cause such side effects as stomachache, insomnia, headache and nervousness.

- Acetyl-l-carnitine. It is an amino-acid that helps to produce energy in your body. It seems that it may work but it may interfere with the thyroid hormone that is why you shouldn't use it if you have an under-active thyroid.

- Phosphatidylserine. The side effects of this ingredient are insomnia and problems with stomach. There is also a concern that products of animal sources can result in transmitting mad cow disease, for example. It has been studied for only half a year that is why there is not enough information about its safety for people.

- Glutamine. It is an amino acid which is really unsafe if taken in doses more than 0.7 grams per kg of weight every day. People who have liver diseases should avoid using it because it is able to worsen the condition. You'd better consult your doctor before using it.

- St. John's Wort. You shouldn't take it if you are an allergic person and you'd better not combine it with antidepressants or blood thinners. You'd better not use it if you have experienced the depression. It can cause dizziness and interacting with other medicines can be dangerous for your health. It can also cause the sensitivity to the sun.

- DMAE. It can be the reason of dizziness, nausea and headache. It is not very effective.

By the way, only some of these ingredients have at least some sort of scientific evidence to support their claims. But not all of them are safe and efficient as you can see from our research.

The website of the producer doesn't have a section of FAQ which makes it difficult to know what its customers think of the product and what problems they faced while taking it. But here you have an opportunity to find out what real users of CQ think of this supplement.

"I have bought CQ because I have really serious problems with my memory. I can hear something and forget it immediately and this causes a lot of problems at work. I thought that this product would help me to solve this but unfortunately I wasted my money without noticing any results. I won't recommend it to anyone because I didn't feel any change for the better"

"My experience of using CQ was unsuccessful because I still have thinking and memory difficulties. Sometimes I feel that it is difficult to concentrate and I take CongniQ but it doesn't help me. Vice versa, I feel dizziness and no energy at all. It makes me suffer from stomachache and sometimes I feel headache after taking it"

"Oh my God, I have got up one day and saw that I had bad allergy. The whole face was red and everything was itching. I understood that only CQ could cause this allergy. Don't take it until you consult your doctor! It can be unsafe!"

If you want risk trying it then you should know that it can be bought at the official website or just ordered at such websites as Amazon and others. Its availability seems to be its only advantage.

I can't recommend CQ as an effective product which is completely safe and useful because not all of the ingredients in CQ have clinical data. It would be much better if the producer suggested more evidence which could support their claims. There is no much information about the effects of some ingredients on human beings. You should consult your doctor before using it because it has a lot of side effects and it is dangerous to combine it with other medicine.

Think twice before spending your money because there is no evidence or users' reviews which could prove its efficiency.